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Slate 7 – quick usage update

Since I’ve been working at home, I’ve been using my Slate 7 more.  Most of the time I use it as a convenient Pandora terminal, hooked in to the two Rokit 6 studio monitors I was given from a previous project.  That works pretty well, and the battery life is good.  But I still occasionally have issues with the wireless.  It will randomly loose touch with wireless, and the only solution is to shut down and reboot.  It has been happening about once a day this week, and it seems to be related to having Pandora paused from the lock screen when it goes into a deep sleep.  But I have no easy way to debug it.

Oh, and the Amazon Music app on it just screws up all the time.  Which is too bad, because I’d like to add that variety to my listening.

I also still use WordPress on it to write blog posts. 🙂

Slate7 minor miracle

I’m typing this on my Slate 7.  At the end of a week long trip to Hawaii in January, I dropped it on the plane while it was plugged in. That seemed to be the start of the problem, because after that i t went completely black the next day and refused to acknowledge it was being charged.  Continue reading