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Mixed business

Work has been keeping me busy, plus life, plus side projects, so this blog has suffered.  But as this week the mega corporation I work for is into phase 4 of the secret plan to grind itself into pieces, I’m considering what things I need to do to be ready for the many changes ahead.

I have been keeping somewhat busy with little things.  Unfortunately I got distracted from the python/pygame program I’d been doing.  But I did pick up 5 nano sized Arduino knockoff microcontrollers from China along with various bits and a 50 piece sleeve of 555 timer chips.  So I’m dabbling in hardware more now.  Which means robotics (using steppers and servos), blinky light arrays, and ‘musical’ instruments.  So I may have to expand my “pi” category to include Arduino also.

I even poked at Khan Academy today, while waiting for a 6+ hour install.  Their algorithms course leaves a lot to be desired. The nerds from Dartmouth who wrote it expect you to have taken a Calculus course in the last week.  Doesn’t help that I was sick that week in high school when we did logarithms so I’ve always had a weak spot there. I had to use a graphing calculator to visualize that log base 2 of (17 raised to the log base 2 n) is the same as log base 2 of (n raised to the log base 2 17).  I’ll have to play around more and see if it gets any better.

Interview skills – a new category for the blog

Years ago, during yet another round of corporate uncertainty, I took some advice that you should be keeping up your interviewing skills and do some interviews to keep in practice, even if you don’t want to change jobs. And you never know when you might find an awesome offer. So I made a goal to do at least one interview a year sometime during the summer.  It has been good for me to push my boundaries, talk to some cool companies, and get a feel for what I’m lacking in an interview.
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Link: 40 CS concepts

Yeah, I can’t take credit for this post, as it came through the O’Reilly newsletter, but I kind of enjoyed reading it, so I’m relinking it.

Not a perfect article, and could have used a little editing, but enjoyable enough. I may use it as inspiration for writing my own items where I thought that article was a little weak in explaining (like the DDOS explanation).