Computers sing to me. INSOC

I got my copy of the new Information Society album _hello world today.  So good once again.  Synthesizer , their last album, is my favorite album of the last decade.

I really enjoy synthpop and Insoc music when I’m coding.  I think of it as the computer singing back to me as I work. 

I share a cube space with a very talented engineer, and his work music of choice is classical.  While I like classical music, I find it relaxes me too much and I tend to drift off.

Word pressing on a tablet.

I’m typing this on my HP Slate 7 tablet in the WordPress app.  This is a small 7 inch Android tablet.  The app works pretty well to post short simple posts, but the editor does tend to goof up.  I’m finding that if I go back up a few lines and start typing that the rendering of the following existing lines gets jumbled into what I just typed.  But if I rotate the tablet it defenders correctly.

I suppose I should get out my Bluetooth keyboard and try typing on it, but I’m happy to use my thumbs for now.

I definitely need to use this app more.