Slate 7 – quick usage update

Since I’ve been working at home, I’ve been using my Slate 7 more.  Most of the time I use it as a convenient Pandora terminal, hooked in to the two Rokit 6 studio monitors I was given from a previous project.  That works pretty well, and the battery life is good.  But I still occasionally have issues with the wireless.  It will randomly loose touch with wireless, and the only solution is to shut down and reboot.  It has been happening about once a day this week, and it seems to be related to having Pandora paused from the lock screen when it goes into a deep sleep.  But I have no easy way to debug it.

Oh, and the Amazon Music app on it just screws up all the time.  Which is too bad, because I’d like to add that variety to my listening.

I also still use WordPress on it to write blog posts. 🙂

Interview skills – a new category for the blog

Years ago, during yet another round of corporate uncertainty, I took some advice that you should be keeping up your interviewing skills and do some interviews to keep in practice, even if you don’t want to change jobs. And you never know when you might find an awesome offer. So I made a goal to do at least one interview a year sometime during the summer.  It has been good for me to push my boundaries, talk to some cool companies, and get a feel for what I’m lacking in an interview.
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Microsoft IoT on Raspberry Pi – first impressions

(Yeah, long posting gap. Switching to full time teleworking has consumed my professional attention since summer)

I attended OSCON again this year.  “Attended” means I was able to sneak away for a day to wander the exhibit hall.  Its always worth the price of gas and parking to see what is up in open source and collect lots of swag.  The best swag this year was from Microsoft in the form of an Internet of Things kit containing a Raspberry Pi. Continue reading

Raspberry Pi – first impressions

I finally ordered myself a Raspberry Pi 2 model B.  I have friends who already have them and the simple platform for programming and experimenting with electronics.  I know nearly nothing about electrical engineering, so I have a bunch to learn.  My kids took to it right away, and the 9 year old, who I’d shown Scratch before, started programming right off.   We ran Minecraft and set up the wireless dongle that came with the bundle I bought off  Amazon.  We found Wolfram and Mathematica already installed, but I don’t know much about either.
I’m waiting for the LEDs and buttons I ordered to try playing with the GPIO.

Two conferences in three weeks.

I thought I should get back to it with a quick post.  In the last month I attended two conferences, one was OpenStack Summit in Vancouver BC, and the other was an internal conference for my company in Phoenix.  Both were good experiences, and I got to see how my company is throwing boatloads of money at the cloud.  Made my decision to stay with cloud feel better, as my transition to seeing a teleworker had me nervous about how long it would last.

Link: 40 CS concepts

Yeah, I can’t take credit for this post, as it came through the O’Reilly newsletter, but I kind of enjoyed reading it, so I’m relinking it.

Not a perfect article, and could have used a little editing, but enjoyable enough. I may use it as inspiration for writing my own items where I thought that article was a little weak in explaining (like the DDOS explanation).

Busy month of January

Just a quick post to acknowledge how busy January was. My In-Laws visited around New Years and we all drove to the Tri-Cities to see my nephew’s blessing. Then we all got sick (thanks Alex), then flew to Hawaii for a week. With all that going on, I didn’t have much time for side projects, which is unfortunate, because I’ve got a few things to polish and publish.